Fixed: GPGmail Snow Leopard Update 10.6.3

If you are using GPGmail and experiencing Problems after the  Mac OS X Update to 10.6.3 as of March 30, 2010, download this file and copy it to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles to fix the error message (something like -[MimePart getNumberOfAttachments:isSigned:isEncrypted:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x11b200f60) occuring when decrypting Emails. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Fixed: GPGmail Snow Leopard Update 10.6.3

  1. Lars Sommer

    Viele dank. Es fungiert ganz schön.

    Will you publish the source code or patch as well? – Otherwise it is very risky to use it for security matters 😉

    Again thanks for a nice fix.
    Best regards
    Lars Sommer

  2. Michael Stegner

    Hatte große Probleme mit GnuPG nach dem SL Upgrade auf 10.6.3! War schon fast verzweifelt.

    DAAAAAAAANKE für den FIx, funktioniert prima!!!


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