My Fingerprint is 8EE3 DFAA D292 8B3B D970 C37C F59D FA06 409B 0F7B.
My public key is available on Keyservers like
It can also be downloaded securely here as a file.

Please send me a PGP message ONLY IF:

  1. You have indeed sent PGP-encrypted e-mails successfully before
  2. You have indeed received PGP-encrypted e-mails successfully before
  3. You have made sure that your keypair has not expired
  4. You have made sure that your keypair is valid for your e-mail-address
  5. You attach your public key to your message and you DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES attach your private key to your message
  6. The content of your message makes it necessary.
    No need to encrypt irrelevant stuff.

If you are not absolutely confident that you meet all five requirements, there is no need to be ashamed. Please just choose an encrypted messenger you feel comfortable with and send me a contact request via my contact form.