fixed: GPG for Apple Mail (4.2) under Snow Leopard (32 and 64bit)

(Important) Update: If you’re already using gpgmail, and are now experiencing Problems after the Update to Mac OS 10.6.3 (issued March, 30, 2010), use this fix: Download this file and copy it to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles – Enjoy.
If you’re new to gpgmail, don’t worry about this, the fix is included in the no-wories-script below.

The following script will install GPG (ver. 1.4.10),
the corresponding plugin (bundle) for (ver. 1.2.3 Snow Leopard Fix by Lukas Pitschl (lukele)) and
GPG Keychain access” (ver. 0.7), a key-manager.

You will instantly be able to read and write GPG-encrypted mail without going through any complicated setup-routines.

32 & 64bit-Version:
download, chmod +x the file, execute it and you’re done!

For more detailed information on this, answers to the questions “What is GPG and why would I need it?”, and a paranoid (compile-yourself) version of the script, see my brand-new GPG-page.

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